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Updated Childhood Vaccine Schedule Now Includes COVID-19 Vaccine with Annual Boosters

Bold new CDC recommendations likely come with unintended consequences.

Amidst the chaos of Chinese UFO’s being shot down over the continental U.S. and the environmental disaster in Ohio, we bring to your attention a story that seems to have circumvented mainstream media, though has significant consequences to you and your family.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated their Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule to now include the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ with annual booster.

Let’s take a look at these new recommendations.

A quick review of the CDC’s ‘vaccine’ schedule now shows that the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’, a 2- or 3-dose primary series, and annual booster is now recommended for children as young as 6-months old.

The mRNA vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer) are the only products currently recommended to children as young as 6 months old, with Moderna being a 2-dose primary series and Pfizer a 3-dose. The CDC provides a sample dosing schedule as follows:

Age 6 months–4 years: 3-dose series at 0, 3-8, 11-16 weeks (Pfizer-BioNTech)

In other words, if a child is started on the Pfizer primary series, then the CDC recommends three separate injections over the course of a 3- or 4-month period: then a booster injection annually.

The CDC has varying guidelines depending on the child’s age, immunocompromised status, and various vaccine formulations. For example, the Novavax is only recommended for children 12-years and older, whereas the Janssen (J&J) vaccine is only recommended for individuals over the age of 18.

Want to know if your child is exempt from the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’?

There are two contraindications (circumstance where a medical intervention is inadvisable) for COVID-19 ‘vaccine’:

  1. History of a severe allergic reaction (e.g. anaphylaxis) after a previous dose or to a component of the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’, and

  2. History of known diagnosed allergy to a component of the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’.

If your child meets either of these contraindications, then the follow-up recommendations are to use a different COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ formulation or, if options exhausted, to not vaccinate at all.

So, what does this mean for the future of our children?

Public (and many private) schools, daycares, and extracurricular programs base their vaccine requirements for participation on the CDC’s recommendations. While there will likely be a lag period before COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ recommendations are fully adopted, be prepared to be asked if your toddler received their COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ before being allowed to participate in pre-K soccer next fall.

Can you hear the repulsive groans of mama bears across this nation?

Yet, let us consider some unintended consequences of this bold new recommendation by the CDC. Is it possible that this misstep by the CDC will result in the whole vaccine house of cards collapsing?

No doubt our country is strongly divided when it comes to these ‘vaccines’. Depending on your personal experiences with COVID-19, the ‘vaccine’, assessment of risk, and how you view the statistics surrounding the pandemic narrative, you likely have formulated a strong stance on the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’. Those in favor of the injection frequently look at the other side of the aisle as ‘anti-vax’ conspiracy theorists. The reality is that most folks opposed to the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ have received most (if not all) of their own childhood vaccines (in addition to their children). Nevertheless, it is not unreasonable to predict that the CDC’s implementation of COVID-19 vaccines within the childhood immunization schedule will result in a dramatic rise of true anti-vaxxers.

Let’s consider the following…

In a recent article by Healthline, Dr. Richard Chung, a professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Duke University School of Medicine in North Carolina reported:

“COVID-19 vaccines have been shown to be among the most effective and safest vaccines available for any vaccine-preventable illnesses…the ability to not settle for merely treating infections but to actually prevent them in the first place is an incredible privilege and we strongly urge families to take advantage of the opportunity to get vaccinated.”

This type of rhetoric is consistent among the majority of health experts commenting on the CDC’s recommendations – living proof that this nation has subscribed to two parallel realities.

These claims are obviously absurd.

Critics of the ‘vaccines’ claimed early on they had little to no effect on the transmission of SARS-CoV-2. Despite heavy censorship, we now have overwhelming evidence that this is, indeed, true. COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ will NOT prevent you from contracting SARS-CoV-2. A pragmatic way to test this theory is simply ask your vaccinated friends how many times they have tested positive for COVID-19 since receiving the injection. Yet, mainstream rhetoric continues to dupe the public into thinking they will prevent infection.

A more glaring issue with statements like those by Dr. Chung is seen when health officials make comparisons between the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ with the other (actual) vaccines found on the immunization schedule. Do public health experts really want to make the claim that the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ (a non-sterilizing therapy, ergo, not a real vaccine) is “among the most effective and safest vaccines available for any preventable illnesses”?

The attempt is made to confound the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ with the longstanding, actual sterilizing vaccines (like the Polio or MMR vaccine) and their prevention of serious viral illness (like polio, measles, mumps, or rubella) to that of SARS-CoV-2.

Here’s the reality…

COVID-19 is a substantially milder viral illness compared to measles or polio. It is well established that contracting SARS-CoV-2 for the elderly and folks with multiple comorbidities comes with a non-inconsequential risk of severe illness and/or death. Children, however, possess an infinitesimally small risk of experiencing severe illness, with mortality rates practically non-existent (even assuming reliable PCR testing and reported child fatalities were from COVID-19 as opposed to with COVID-19).

In addition, Dr. Chung and others proclaim that the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ are among, “[the] safest vaccines available.”

No kidding.

Perhaps these health officials are unaware of the dramatic increase in VAERS reports of vaccine adverse effects? Were there not more vaccine-related injuries reported during these pandemic years than all the previous years of VAERS’ existence? Did we not see a 20-fold increase in U.S. vaccine-related injuries and a 50-fold increase in U.S. vaccine-related deaths since 2021? Are we not witnessing an unprecedented number of young, healthy athletes and stage-performers dropping dead (or nearly so)? Have we not yet reached a critical mass of evidence for vaccine-induced myocarditis? Are they not aware that other countries (like Sweden and Finland) have reversed their recommendations of mRNA vaccine use in young adults? 6 No. The COVID-19 'vaccines' are far from ‘safe.’

Now add to this Dr. Fauci admitting to lying about masks, new research demonstrating no public health benefit to lockdowns, 7 and recent CIA documents strongly supporting the Wuhan lab-leak theory, 8 it is safe to say people have well founded concerns towards their public health officials.

Here is where the unintended consequences lie.

If U.S. public health officials continue to endorse that these obviously ineffective and clearly risk-laden COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ are equivocal to the other vaccines found on the childhood immunization schedule, then they ought to expect that parental hesitancy specifically towards the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ will expand towards the rest of the childhood vaccines.

Allegations that vaccines cause childhood autism and SIDS (among other health concerns) have caused much reluctance for parents when it comes to vaccinating their kids. Yet, parents have generally opted for childhood vaccination due to trust in the public health institution and desire to keep their children safe. Now that the COVID-19 injection has been propped up to stand toe-to-toe with traditional vaccines (Hep B, DTaP, MMR, etc.), let’s see how hesitant parents react.

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