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Covid Hospital Death Protocols: Part 1

False Advertising Lawsuit and March 25, 2023 - Remember the Victims Rally

Today, in early March 2023, hospitals are still being paid thousands of dollars for murderous hospital Covid protocols that kill people every day. These protocols include the administration of the drug Remdesivir.

A primary mission of FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation is to expose the killer hospital protocols put in place during the Covid-19 chaos. 1

They have been tackling this issue on several levels. Here are some of the things they are working on, and a simple, inexpensive way you can get involved to stop the use of Remdesivir while you protect yourself and your loved ones.

The Lawsuit.

FormerFedsGroup has banded together with a group of attorneys to stop the use of Remdesivir and to award damages for those killed and injured by the unethical Covid protocols used throughout our nation’s hospitals. The team of attorneys has been working on developing and strategizing the litigation for two years.

Jamie Scher a member of the attorney team explained that knowledge of the damages caused by the Covid hospital protocols came about early amongst freedom lawyers. They were receiving calls from people whose loved ones were dying or had died from Covid-19 after being admitted to the hospital. They noticed that if people found early treatment and stayed home; they lived and did quite well.

The attorneys learned that making claims for people who have been killed by the Covid hospital protocols is not something that can be done through the usual means available to a patient killed or injured by medical negligence. The Covid hospital protocols are part of the CARES Act. Because of that, hospitals are immune from liability for their treatment of patients under the protocols. So, the hospitals are making millions of dollars from these protocols, with no repercussions for the deaths they are causing. An article by Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD, and Ali Shultz, JD, goes into the atrocities of the hospital incentives. 2

Some of the CARES Act hospital incentives are:

  • Payment for every “free” required PCR test in the Emergency Room or upon admission.

  • Bonus payment for each positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

  • Bonus payment for each COVID-19 hospital admission.

  • Bonus to the hospital when the patient is mechanically ventilated.

  • A 20% percent “boost” bonus payment from Medicare on the entire hospital bill for use of Remdesivir instead of medicines such as Ivermectin.

  • Another bonus to the hospital if a patient dies and the cause of death is listed as COVID-19, even if the patient did not die directly of COVID-19.

  • A COVID-19 diagnosis also provides extra payments to coroners.

Most people in this country do not even know about this sinister situation or the danger they could face if they are admitted to a hospital, even for a broken leg or another non-Covid reason. The horrific reality of the situation hit very close to home for me last year when a man named Ben Gordon was involved in a one-vehicle car crash a few miles from my small community in Arizona.

Ben Gordon

On Sunday, January 30, 2022, Ben Gordon was admitted to Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona after a car crash. Ben was knocked unconscious during the crash but regained consciousness right away. Though he had some cuts from shattered glass, Ben was relatively unscathed. Ben was sedated at the scene of the accident against his request and woke up about seven hours later in Flagstaff Medical Center on a ventilator. He had been tagged as a John Doe and put through the Covid hospital protocols. He removed the ventilator, a catheter, and an IV himself, and confronted hospital staff. Ben Gordon was then escorted out a side door of the hospital and turned out into the street. For Ben Gordon’s full story, you can hear a fascinating interview with him done by SGT Report on February 8th, 2022.

I know I went a little off of the lawsuit, but if you’re someone whose brain tends to lock up when the word “lawsuit” is mentioned without a solid human back story, I got you.

Because of the immunity granted to the hospitals for negligently killing people, the team of attorneys had to think of a way to get around the CARES Act. One of the attorneys, Sheldon Karasik, came up with the legal theory that the maker of Remdesivir, Gilead Sciences, Inc., should be sued on a false advertising claim.

The litigation has been developed as a class action with over a thousand victims involved to date. If you are interested in joining the class action, please fill out the Remdesivir Patient Story intake form.

FormerFedsGroup’s Covid-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project has already compiled hundreds of victims’ personal stories (either of Remdesivir survivors or surviving family members). If you or someone you love has been impacted by the FDA Death Protocol, please consider adding your testimony to their project through their intake form: Document Your Story.

The Gilead lawsuit is ripe for filing and needs further funding. The team of attorneys has been working for the past two years on a largely pro bono basis. However, suing Gilead Sciences is not a small undertaking and a war chest will be required to prosecute the litigation competently. A GiveSendGo account has been established for donations to directly fund the Gilead case, so please consider helping if you are able.

The ripple effect of competently going against Gilead is that if a false advertising case is litigated successfully against it, it opens the door to similar cases against Pfizer and Moderna for their continuous and constant false claims that the Covid injections are “safe and effective.

Medic-Alert Bracelet

Here’s where you come in. You can get involved in funding the Remdesivir litigation to put a stop to the Covid Hospital Protocols AND protect the lives of you and your loved ones. FormerFedsGroup has created a Medic-Alert Bracelet that indicates allergies to Remdesivir/Veklury, Baricitinib, and Fentanyl, the cocktail of drugs used in the protocols.

Attorney Jamie Scher explained that if for example, you present to the hospital with the bracelet which states allergies to the medications in the protocol, you cannot be given these medications. And “everyone is allergic to being dead,” she stated.

Order your Medic-Alert Bracelet and make any other donation you are inclined to make toward the lawsuit, at the FormerFedsGroup’s website. The bracelets are available for a $25 donation for one or $20 each when five or more are ordered at one time. Large and custom orders are encouraged.

Carolyn Blakeman, Media Director of FormerFedsGroup and Attorney Jamie Scher envision several donors purchasing large quantities of the bracelets for distribution at events and the entrances to hospitals. Contact Carolyn Blakeman directly to discuss custom orders.

March 25, 2023 – Halt Hospital Homicide and Remember the Victims Rally

Not only will the rally honor and remember the victims of the hospital protocols, but it will also be a day filled with education on how you can help bring accountability to those responsible for crimes against humanity occurring under the guise of “healthcare.” The rally will feature Senator Bob Hall from Texas, Attorney Reiner Fuellmich, filmmaker Mikki Willis, Dr. Brian Ardis, Dr. John Witcher, and many others. The full list of speakers, as well as information on attending the rally, is available on the event website.

How you can activate against Homicide in Hospitals

It seems like nearly every person in this country has experienced the loss of someone in their lives from a Covid hospitalization. I lost a very dear friend to a Covid hospitalization in August of 2021. My friend had a medical power of attorney who advocated strongly for her, as well as a directive not to be given Remdesivir. My friend died anyway. Her death resulted in her daughter-in-law, Ali Shultz, forming Hands for Health and Freedom, an organization helping to teach people how to assert their legal and human rights and advocate for their health. Ali will be one of the speakers in San Antonio on March 25th.

Even with awareness increasing, so many loved ones of those injured or killed by a Covid hospitalization experience cognitive dissonance and refuse to believe their trusted hospital system is actually injuring and murdering people. The Covid hospital protocols have caused the total ethical failure of an already failing and unreliable healthcare system.

By Laurie Brander, Freedom Law Contributor

This is the first in a series of articles on what is being done legally to stop hospital murders. We will dive into civil lawsuits against hospitals and physicians being filed around the country and criminal investigation that is being done to go after the profiting purveyors of the protocols and technologies behind homicide in our hospitals.

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