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Every episode of Medicine Cabinet, Dr Chase Bradford and other visiting doctors break down one key chemical that is helpful for better wellness and health, and explains what the upsides and downsides are of said chemical are. Dr. Chase and other visiting doctors as well as AFLDS doctors open a world of health and wellness possibilities that aren't as well promoted as the more damaging drugs produced by large pharmaceutical companies. 
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Actual Factual is a comedic man on the streets series with host Evan Landau asking the controversial questions that compel, question, and make you scratch your head. What is Actual? What is Factual? What are the outright lies? 

Evan went to Downtown Rochester, New York, to ask people what they think happened on January 6th 2021

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This website was born out of the turmoil within Americas Frontline Doctor. This included defamation against employees and contractors, unpaid monies for work done, perjury in the courts of law, theft, and mass misappropriation of funds, and more. 

As we began to interview doctors for our series "Meet the Frontline Doctors", it became apparent that many doctors have been driven to bankruptcy for speaking the truth. America's Frontline Doctors quickly revealed itself as nothing but false advertising, as they were doing everything but helping frontline doctors. Currently, Dr Gold and Americas Frontline Doctors are mired in lawsuits where the main focus seems to be an endless war of attrition with donor funds. 

The following section is a testament to what is so broken about the medical freedom movement.

While AFLDS and Simone Gold have been busy wasting donation funds in courts and on lawyers, many frontline doctors have fallen through the cracks. The purpose of this site is to break that cycle of corruption by helping raise funds directly for all the frontline doctors. 
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