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While America's Frontline Doctors started off with the right intentions under Simone Gold, the ills of greed and self interest ultimately caused for AFLDS to stray from its stated mandate.There are many issues that have come to light during the course correction investigation that was launched by Chairman Joey Gilbert. Funding dollars were being wasted on the lavish lifestyle of Simone Gold and her boyfriend John Strand. Since the January 6th arrest of Dr Gold, AFLDS has become the "January 6th Gold and Strand project," oft ignoring the critical medical freedom movement. While the non profit was advertised as America's Frontline Doctors, in the plural form, fundraising resources were used to raise the celebrity of Simone Gold, while neglecting bringing other doctors.

The correction of all these issues is well underway, and this platform is a testament to the fact that Americas Frontline Doctors is now under wholly competent leadership, with full transparency, while approaching the medical freedom movement from with 360 degree vision. The goal going forward is to focus on the medical freedom fight, and to cover all aspects of this fight: Legal, Informational, Political, Spiritual. 

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